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Suicide: Books & Videos

(Starred resources are recommended by our staff and volunteers)

A Guide For Those Left Behind by Adina Wrobleski, 1991

A Message of Hope: For Surviving the Tragedy of Suicide  (story of mother whose son died by suicide -- good for family and friends)  Centering Corp

A Mood Apart by Peter C. Whybrow (depression)

A Mother's Story by Gloria Vanderbilt (Gloria's son Carter died by suicide at age 22 in front of his mother; this is the story of his life and death, and her struggle to continue after his death)

A Special Scar: The Experience of People Bereaved by Suicide by Alison Wertheimer, Brunner Routledge

A Teenager's Book about Suicide: Helping break the silence and preventing death by Earl Grollman and Joy Johnson, workbook, booklet, $4.95, Centering Corp., Code: TBSC

A Young Suicide by Earl Grollman and Max Malikow

Adolescent Suicide by Jerry Jacobs

After a Suicide by Dougy Center , workbook, $12.95, Centering Corp., Code: ASWO

After Suicide by John H. Hewett, 1980

After Suicide, A Unique Process by Betsy Ross (Centering Corp)

After Suicide Loss: Coping With Your Grief by Bob Baugher and Jack Jordan, 2001, 67 pages, divided into time sections. Baugher Publishing.

An Unquiet Mind by Kay Readfield-Jamison (manic depression)

Bart Speaks Out: Breaking The Silence on Suicide by Linda Goldman   Ages 4-12  (Story of boy and his dog)

Ben's Story by Trudy Carlson

But I Didn't Say Goodbye by Barbara Rubel, 1999 (Written for parents and professionals who are helping child suicide survivors) $14.95, Centering Corp, Code: BIDO

Child Survivors of Suicide: A guidebook for those who care for them by Rebecca Parkin and Karen Dunne-Maxim

Conquering the Beast Within  by Cait Irwin (depression)

Dancing with the Skeleton (Meditations for suicide survivors) (Centering Corp.)

Darkness Invisible by William Styron

Daughter of Suicide VIDEO by Dempsey Rice 1999 72 mins Color, VHS Order # Z-01707 Video of mother who battled depression her entire life. Daughter struggles to forgive mother and understand why she would commit suicide. Order from: Women Make Movies, 462 Broadway, Ste 500-Z, New York, NY 10013 Phone 212 925 0606 x 360 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. S&H $15 for one tape, $10 for 2-5 tapes.

Dead Reckoning by David Treadway

Dealing with the Crisis of Suicide by Calvin Frederick

Depression in the Young by Trudy Carlson

** Do They Have Bad Days in Heaven? Surviving the Suicide Loss of a Sibling by Michelle Linn-Gust, 2001

The Gift of Keith (

** Healing After The Suicide of a Loved One by Ann Smolin and John Guinan, 1993

Hurting Yourself (for young people who have intentionally injured themselves by Jeanne Harper) (Centering Corp)

I Am A Survivor (for caregivers working with families whose loved one completed suicide, 30 mins) VIDEO Centering Corp

I Remember, I Remember (journal for parents to write in about their child) by Enid Samuel Traisman

If Daddy Loved Me, Why Did He Leave Me? by Dr. David Dalke (booklet through Centering Corp) (for parents and families caring for children after one parent has completed suicide)

Journey Through the Shadows: Hope for Healing After Someone You Love Has Committed Suicide by Charity  Spatzcek-Olsen, 2000 (VIDEO) (Centering Corp) 35 mins

Lament for a Son by Nicholas Woltertorff

Light Among the Shadows  VIDEO  (Centering Corp)  (hoe to help those you care for when suicide occurs) 23 mins

Living When a Young Friend Commits Suicide by Rabbi Earl Grollman and Max Malikow (Easy to read, good for teens) , Centering Corp., $12.00, Code: LWYO

Living With Grief After Sudden Loss by Ken Doka

Living with Loss by Ellen Sue Stern

**  Lost and Found: Recovering From A Loved One's Suicide by Beryl Glover (Personal account of a mother who lost her daughter and brother to suicide; compilation of her own journey and chronicles of 12 others survivors who describe the challenges and triumphs of rebuilding their lives)  Centering Corp

Making Sense Out of Suicide by David Lester

Mom, I'm All Right by Kathleen Sandefer, 1990 (Story of death of 14 y/o male who was on medications)

Mourning after Suicide by Lois A. Bloom (Pilgrim Press)

My Son, My Son by Iris Bolton, 1983 (Story of mother who copes with son's suicide) (Centering Corp)

Night Falls Fast by Kay Readfield Jamison

** No Time For Goodbyes by Janice Harris Lord

**  No Time To Say Goodbye: Surviving the Suicide of a Loved One by Carla Fine, 1997

One in 13: The Silent Epidemic of Teen Suicide by Jessica Portner (Centering Corp)

Overcoming Depression by Papolos and Papolos

Preventing Elderly Suicide by Joseph Richman, 1993

Searching for my Estrella Maili: Rebuilding my life after the death of my daughter by Gisela Castillo de Lujan, (a moving book about the questionable death of a woman's 14 year old daughter), Centering Corp, Spanish version available too

** Silent Grief: Living In The Wake of Suicide by H.M. Seiden and C. Lukas, 1987

Someone I Love Died by Suicide: A story for child survivors and those who care for them by Doreen Cammarata, $20.00, Centering Corp., Code: SIDO

Stronger Than Death by Sue Chance

Suicide: Why? by Adina Wrobleski

Suicide After Sixty by Marv Miller

Suicide and Its Aftermath by E. Dunne, 1987

Suicide and Young People by Arnold Madison, 1978 (Discussion of what is known about self harm and some prevention techniques)

Suicide in America by Herbert Hendin

Suicide of a Child by Adina Wrobleski (helpful when parents are first told about suicide) (Centering Corp) 1984

Suicide: Prevention, Intervention and Postvention by Rabbi Earl Grollman (provides info on suicide stats and gives advice on how to recognize the warning signs. etc.) (Centering Corp)

**  Suicide: Survivors   A Guide For Those Left Behind by Adina Wrobleski (Addresses common problems of survivors, offers advice, gives solutions and offers hope)

** Suicide Survivors' Handbook: A Guide for the Bereaved and Those Who Wish To Help by Trudy Carlson

Suicides by Jean Baechler

Survivors of Suicide by Albert Cain

Survivors of Suicide Bibliography by American Assn of Suicidology, 4201 Connecticut Ave NW #310 , Washington , DC 20008

** Swallowed by a Snake (male grief) by Thomas R. Golden

Teen Suicide: Recognizing the clues, reducing the risk (very good, simple, easy to read) by Judith Peacock 2000

The Bipolar Child by Papolos and Papolos

The Cry for Help by E. Schneidman and N. Faberow

** The Empty Chair by Beryl Glover (Suicides of brother and daughter)

The Enigma of Suicide by George Howe Colt, 1991 (History of suicide, stories of teen suicide and how people cope when a loved one commits suicide)

The Impact of Suicide by Brian Mishara, 1995

The Shattered Dimension: Journey of Grief After Suicide VIDEO (40 mins) (Centering Corp) (Part 1: shock, loneliness, crying, depression, anger, blame, guilt    Part 2: anniversaries, holidays, memories, support groups, forgiveness, understanding and well-being)

The Suicidal Mind by Edwin Schneidman

The Urge To Die: Why Young People Commit Suicide by Peter Giovacchini, 1981

This is Survivable: When Someone You Love Completes Suicide by Sondra Sexton-Jones (Centering Corp) (when wife found husband after his suicide)

Too Young To Die

What To Do When the Police Leave? by Bill Jenkins (Simple and vital guidance to families suffering a traumatic loss)

What To Do When Someone You Love is Depressed by Mitch and Susan Golant

Why Suicide? Answers to 200 of the most frequently asked questions about suicide, attempted suicide, and assisted suicide by Eric Marcus, 1996

Words I Thought I'd Never Have to Speak by Victoria Alexander

Books on Sudden Death:

A Sudden Silence, A Rage Within by Hal Edwards (mostly about father recovering from death of a child)

** I Wasn't Ready To Say Goodbye: Surviving, Coping and Healing After the Sudden Death of a Loved One by Brook Noel and Pamela Blair, 304 pages, 2000

** No Time for Goodbyes by Janice Harris Lord, 1991