Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for immediate help.


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Crisis Intervention

If you or someone you know has a suicide plan or is currently having suicidal thoughts, please seek immediate help.  If you believe that you or someone you know is an immediate threat to their own lives or the lives of others, please seek immediate help.


Winnebago County Human Services
Crisis Intervention/Help Line

(920) 233-7707
(920) 722-7707

Emergency:  911

National Crisis Line


2-1-1 Directory

The mission of United Way 2-1-1 is to provide easy, simple access to health and human services, to give callers an opportunity to give or get help, and to serve as a hub for community information in times of disaster.

Dial 211 or 1-800-924-5514

If you or someone you know have experienced some of the Risk Factors for Suicide, are exhibiting some of the warning signs for suicide, or provide cause for concern about depression and suicide, but you do not believe there is an immediate risk of suicide, check out our Directory of Non-Emergency Help.