Call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) for immediate help.


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Friends of CFH

Thank you to all of the people and organizations who have contributed resources to support suicide prevention in Oshkosh and Winnebago County. Your help is invaluable.

Oshkosh Community Foundation Friends of Oshkosh Aurora Medical Group Affinity Medical Group
Mercy Medical Foundation Arketype Group, Inc. Fox Valley Development Co. Fox Valley Physical Therapy/
Steve & Regina Sobojinski
ALS Printing Castle Pierce Printing Service Litho Printing Steinert Printing Walmart
Quick Signs Winnebago County CYNTHIA KEITHLEY FOUNDATION in loving memory of Andrew J. O'Shea Tom & Gloria Ganther
>The Brice Family Carol Sitzberger Patricia and Andrew Trygstad Julie & John Davids
Oshkosh North High School Lourdes High School Badger Metals Nan Adams
Wichman Funeral Homes Ann Trembly David Sobojinski Moe's Marine Service
Dr. Sue Szabo Jenny and Andy Wesner, Wesner Auto Body Pam Streblow Bob & Micki Holly
Linda Schabloski Dic & Sherry  Purtell Atty. Tom McDermott Patti & Bryon Ahrens
Kate Flood-Laske Grace Reigh Tom Cattanaugh Bob Schoenberger
Memorial Fund
Peter Hackstock Crown Trophy Ron Harrell Channel 10 (Connie Carmical)
Phillips Tax & Accounting
(Jayna Phillips)
4imprint Blue Door Consulting Kimbrah and Steve Nissen
Ann Marie and Leon Luker Lisa Wians Amanda & Adam Seely Michelle Ahrens
Robert & Nan Devermann The Service League of Oshkosh Patrick White The Word Co.(Marcy and Bob Coglianese)